2019 Memberships Applications Still Open - Contact a Board Member with any Questions

nbca board of directors - 2019


President & Chairman of the Board - Kate Chappell

Tel.: 248.459.5718

e-mail: chestnutridgeblueticks@yahoo.com

Vice-President - Diann Stine

Tel.: 740.632.7432

e-mail: diannstine@gmail.com

Secretary - Christan Fowler

Tel.: 417.207.8128

e-mail: rockabey@gmail.com

Treasurer - Nick Chappell

Treasurer: Nick Chappell

Tel.: 248.934.1531

e-mail: moparsigfan@icloud.com

Remaining Board Members

Darin Fackler

Tel.: 989.284.0938

e-mail: highlandblueticks@yahoo.com

Paige Renison

Tel.: 740.649.6457

e-mail: anlonscentnsighthounds@yahoo.com

Amy Smith

Tel.: 918.429.5612

email: razorridgekennel2@hotmail.com

Lisa Snyder


e-mail: bawlinblues2@gmail.com

Susan Lloyd

Tel.: TBD

e-mail.: TBD

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Please feel free to check out the minutes from the Board of Directors monthly meetings in the files below. If you have any questions regarding the contents of the minutes or any topics you would like the board to discuss please reach out to one of us using the contact details above.