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Dear NBCA Members,

The NBCA Board of Directors, hereinafter referred to as “The Board”, held an emergency meeting 10/10/18 in response to the nature and outcome of the Members Conference Call held on 10/09/18.

The Board would like to reassure all club members that the opinions of all club members are valued by the board. The Board recognizes that not all members will agree with the actions taken by The Board. This should be considered normal in the operation of a club of this nature. What The Board will not tolerate, from our club members or any members of The Board, is combative or aggressive language or a lack of respect for the rules by which the club has agreed to operate, or lack of respect for individual club or board members.

During the Membership Conference Call on 10/09/18 the present board members were encouraged to cancel the Judges Education Seminar that we had planned for the Royal Canin National Championship in Orlando, FL.

Unfortunately there was neither a majority of board members on the call, nor a majority of members present to effect a prior Board decision to hold this event and no vote took place to this effect. With this in mind The Board, during our emergency call of 10/10/18, has decided that the Judges Education Seminar will go ahead as previously planned. This seminar will be presented by Kacie Davis with assistance from Jim Daly (Chairman of the Board) and The Board stands by our decision to have these individuals, who kindly volunteered to do so, give this presentation.

Another decision from our emergency meeting on 10/10/18 is that monthly membership conference calls will no longer be held. The Board will keep The Membership informed of ongoing business on a monthly basis through bulletins resulting from the monthly Board of Directors meetings which will continue unchanged. These bulletins will be posted on our Facebook page and our official website

Should any club member have a concern with the actions of The Board that member is encouraged to bring that concern directly to The Board. Contact details for all board members and club officers are available at Members are welcome to contact individual board members or the entire, however it should be noted that any communication to an individual board member will be shared with The Board as a group for discussion during our monthly board meetings.

The Board looks forward to building our club in a positive and transparent nature, to become the club that all of our members can be proud to be a part of.

Yours Sincerely

The Board of Directors

National Bluetick Coonhound Association